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body treatments

Body Treatments

Staying healthy is so important, but sometimes it can be tough work. You exercise, you have to eat well.  Doing those things are not easy, so let us give you a little bit of inspiration and reward for your hard work!

*Please allow 24 hours for appointment confirmation*

The Back Treatment (45min) — $85

Relax into a peaceful place while your back is exfoliated, massaged and hydrated.  We use two different exfoliating techniques and we will perform extractions if necessary.

The Foot Treatment (45min) — $55

Help those footsies with a soothing treatment equip to combat dryness and dead skin.  This treatment is recommended in a series to eliminate callused patches.

The Hand Treatment (45min) — $55

Help those hands defy age, this treatment will treat pigment as well as dryness.  This treatment is recommended in a series for maximized benefits and noticeably younger looking hands.

The Body Treatment (60 min) — $150

This is an intensive treatment from your neck to your toes.   You will have two exfoliations, a detoxifying body mask and an extreme hydrating cream to end this very relaxing and effective treatment. We will also perform extractions if needed. This treatment makes your body glow.  It is recommended that you do not shave for 12 hours before this treatment.

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