Skin treatments

Nano Needling/ Dermaplaning


Reduces Fine Lines

Shrink Pore Size

Fighting Blemishes

Decrease Acne Scars

Even Skin Tone

Improve Texture

Safe on all Skin Colors

Nano Needling uses a silicone tipped device to create nano-channels in the epidermis. The treatment is gentle but effective, and dramatically helps to boost the absorption of the active skin care products. The procedure exfoliates the skin, refining lines and wrinkles, scarring, hyper-pigmentations, and other skin imperfections. Nano needling is gentle and safe, with zero down time and no pain. It treats the epidermis, restoring that healthy glow back to the skin.


Series of 3 — $95 each

One Treatment — $125

*Please allow 24 hours for appointment confirmation*